Advocacy Grants

In 2013 and 2014, the Big Sky Council received AACAP/Assembly Advocacy and Collaboration Grants to partner with NAMI Montana in Suicide Prevention training.

2012 Catchers in the Rye Award

AACAP recognized the Big Sky Council's  "outstanding efforts to advocate for children and families with mental illness."

Big Sky Council

Big Sky AACAP is an independent Regional Organization of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ROCAP), which has representation in and is recognized by AACAP.


National organization of child and adolescent psychiatrists with the mission to promote the healthy development of children, adolescents and families.



A Small Group with Renewed Strength.


Big Sky AACAP first organized in 1992 with 12 charter members. Meetings were held at regular intervals for several years, however the Council eventually became dormant and by 2010, its membership had not held a meeting for over a decade.


In February 2010 AWARE Inc, a Montana mental health organization, hosted a psychiatry conference at Big Sky Resort.  Dr. Bob Hendren was the keynote speaker, and he encouraged attendees to restart Big Sky AACAP.

In January 2011 Montana's child and adolescent psychiatrists met to restart Big Sky AACAP.  The Council elected leadership, revised bylaws, reincorporated under state law and established financial stability.

As Big Sky AACAP has grown to over 24 members, it has reached out to Idaho and Wyoming child and adolescent psychiatrists who do not have a similar professional organization. 

In 2012 Big Sky AACAP received the prestigious Catchers in the Rye Award from national AACAP for having developed an active and vibrant regional organization.

Big Sky Council and aacap

Our Mission

 Advance Knowledge and Treatment

We will stimulate and advance the knowledge and treatment of psychiatric problems of children, adolescents and their families, both within our membership and in our communities.


02. Provide Continuing Education

We will provide programs for continuing education of our membership both as an independent organization and in cooperation with other organizations having a similar purpose.


03. Forum for the Exchange of Ideas

We will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas relative to the resources and child psychiatric needs of the community

04. Collaboration

We will collaborate with other groups interested in child, family and community welfare and mental health.

05. Advocacy and Leadership

We will promote and work to shape policy that enables good mental health care in our communities.

Our History